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All Deborah Kenny pieces are handcrafted from high quality sterling silver. Pieces in my Inspiration Collection are inscribed with personalized messages or messages that inspire a love for life. Deborah Kenny Jewellery is a collection of art that contains priceless beauty now and forever…
As a fixture in Brampton, Ontario’s Downtown Marketplace since the 1980’s I have been designing jewellery for friends, family and a strong steady customer base for almost three decades. My designs bring the essence of my life, worldly travel, watching people, a design education and the love of my children; all finely molded into pieces that are meant to inspire and look like beautiful art.

Being a woman entrepreneur since 1987 has taught me more life lessons than I can even remember, but the one that resonates strongest is that if you show people your true self everyday, they will trust you and will be more likely become a friend than a client.
In 2012, I opened a new location in McArter Lane, right next to Stems Floral Studio. Working together with Stems, we have have been able to help build knowledge and passion for Brampton’s Downtown Marketplace through hosting business events that showcase the independent retailers and restaurants in the area.

When I create a new piece, I draw on my life and more importantly the people who I have met. I look at what inspires people to be great or how they have dealt with turmoir and achievement, their passions and their dreams.

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Deborah Kenny